Elements that link visuals together

The types of materials that are used to link visuals or ‘pieces’ or ‘elements’ together are important. As they in and of themselves ARE actual materials which have their own properties which control how they used or not used or what they can allow to happen.

For example: This. Is a mess. Yet. This is the underside of a child’s toy. Where do you start?


Visuals can be then extended further. What you LEARN or EARN your way through in one setting can have implication in another. The above toy, when you turn the packaging over looks like this:


You may be thinking WOW THAT LOOKS GREAT! Yup. Except I discovered something: On which set of visuals do I know what to do the quickest?



Oh, and how much patience do you as an adult have?


Having good visual analysis skills is necessary to understand how to pull things apart when they ARE linked together.