Socks and Shoes

Bare feet inside the house. Bare feet outside the house. Bare feet in the car. Bare feet at the beach (maybe yes maybe no).

Crocs – yes.

Flip Flops / Thongs – yes, maybe, they fall off my feet, I lose them.

Ugg boots – the inside material squashes down and the shape of the boot themselves stretches over time becoming comfortable instantly that your feet are put in them. Can you run in them? Then why would you change shoes? Are they too hot or do you like the weight of the boot on your feet? So you like more comfortable clothes in the first place, so this kind of fits with the style of what you cope better with wearing?

Ankle socks. Tight socks. Hidden socks. Tights / Stockings. Leggings. Track Pants. Bike Pants. Leggings with a skirt over the top. Tights or socks with boots over them versus wearing jeans. Formal versus informal personal versus cultural clothing requirements for school functions, cultural and religious gatherings.

Dirty feet. Mud playing. Beach feet. Ability to clean them. Knowledge on how to clean them. Place outside the house to clean them. Place inside the house to clean them (mud room). Equipment to clean them within easy reach (towel – outside or inside the home).

Wearing tight clothing. How much of your day to you spend sitting down? What does that impact on your circulatory systems? Are there complaints of pins and needles, I can’t feel my foot – just stand up and shake it for a bit and then it will be all right. Is everything then ok when you can change into other clothes. Do routines get built up about wearing certain types of clothes because others are extremely uncomfortable to wear for ease of use so you avoid them? How long has / have these routines been established?