Visual Structural Elements

How many objects can be repeated in a row before it becomes a group that represents something else?


When I move a body part in this particular way when does it become repetitive behaviour versus a form of communication?

When does something become more than just a jumble of movement of individual pieces versus something that has structure and shape and form?



When you put these ‘objects’ or parts or pieces of movements into a container there are lots of different ways to sort them. But it depends on the ‘how’ of how you want to use them:


Hidden underneath the pieces are the visual keys to tell you about the structure. BUT. There are no rules for putting something together. So what is the defining purpose then. Put things into categories to organise them to use them? Put things into categories to move them? Put things into categories so that others can use them? Or put things into categories because those categories are distinctly different from others and should never be placed near each other. Can you see the size difference in the top row of the box? Large to Medium to Small. Because they are different colours it doesn’t make for a well organised container but you ‘can’ group these types of pieces in this way. Same as the linking pieces, there ARE some anomaly’s but that’s ok because a therapist is with them the entire time for this activity or is supervising whilst they play with it. To make this a purposeful activity though its missing a lot of things which can be added over time.


How do YOU link things together? What are the characteristics that YOU decide go together and those that don’t? How does that impact on your next decision and the one after that and the one after that? The reason I ask is that there is a lot of money being spent on these types of things. So the need to be efficient is important. Consider yourselves on massive notice for fraud.. (WHO and UN and each Govt around the world NOT)..