Where do you put your feet for exact placement? Which button do you push at the exact time to make a character jump over a hurdle?

Team sports. Individual sports.

Play at home. Plat at school. Plat for local teams. Play for fun. Play competitively. Play at a state level. Play at an national level. Play at an International level. Play professionally. Play for income.

Whether it be surfing or netball or ballet or triathletes or bowling or soccer there are a range of sports that can offer an easier pathway into structured physical activities for individuals with disabilities. Families often bring with them their own interest in specific sports e.g. dancing. Others have experience in their own work field having trained professionally at an elite level in addition to their other job skills. Professional athletes are frequently involved in children’s sporting programs and may be heavily followed on social media by some individuals with disabilities. Managing appropriate social interactions online with athletes needs to be supervised and clear boundaries established. Helping individuals know how to extend their interests beyond a desire for face to face interaction to learning about other sources of information such as reference books, trading cards, Guinness book of records, sport documentaries on Netflix, magazines, newspaper articles etc.


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