Understanding links and using that information

Replicating a pattern can be simple like this one. Except you aren’t seeing the entire process before the pieces were finished being placed onto neat lines on the base plate. So you cant see the quantity of work, you just see the finished product. How many times to families or adults in general look at something and go ‘yeah so what?’

What happens if I turn this sideways? BUT. I make you do this task once in horizontal and then AGAIN vertically. How complex do you think this is?


At what ‘part’ of the task does it become easy? Is it the easiest after the first line has been completed OR have I or someone else asked you to do this type of particular task before so you are confused as to what is happening and you can build them in all sorts of ways. Which can make it not so obvious that you are confused..


The structure within these two is already organised for you, but you inside your head need to work through the sequence of steps of deciding where to look first. In one you have a guide that tells you what colour and what piece type to then go search more easily through the lego storage container which has been re-organised from the manufacturer organisation to be colour coded for faster searching through less variables. In the second example, well how many individuals do we know that love the sequence of the alphabet or numbers. As an OT being tired of dealing with the blank page issue of you gave me the whole page so I wrote the letter that big because of the space that you gave me. So, simply giving them a different organisational structure demands that kids ‘put’ the letters into the right sized spaces. Just like putting a puzzle piece in, should be no different other than the hand control and planning of how you form the letters. If its still too hard why? Is my hand control that bad, then up the size of the letters and spaces and provide guides.


Look up at these 3 photos again. Can you see all the squares. Square in my world means that they should have something in them. They are a symbol of an instruction for placement and for thinking or decision making.. i.e. something goes in here.


When you are first learning to do something, despite having a model in front of you can you see the steps of what to do? Or do you need someone to talk it through with you first. Being able to spend time with someone talking things through first is important and when you are provided with a good time period before you are demanded to process much more complex things you have enough time to process all of the details. But. Are you interested in looking at them in the first place or is this challenging because you don’t want to sit still to do this? That the amount of time that this will take isn’t something that you are interested in doing because you need to physically move around more. Does that mean that you don’t have the visual analytical skills OR does that mean that there are more pressing internal issues going on inside your own body that are interrupting your thinking and making it challenging for you to work through things with this many details unless you are in control of how they happen.