Online Safety

Navigating through personal expression and written expression challenges that children with chronic conditions can experience places them at greater risk for bullying online due to the greater skill development that can be experienced when using software programs for content creation e.g. movie making apps, photo uploading to instagram, short sentence discussions on chat boards during gaming. Knowledge of how to protect yourself and how to still be able to move freely through online interaction can be significantly challenging as there is huge variation in reporting systems for abuse on different platforms. Knowledge of the different software creation skill requirements and opportunities that they can provide is essential in helping students and adults navigate through these safely whilst enjoying interaction with others or when attempting to create future job opportunities through exposure to online media creation. Knowledge of the different government laws which protect or are absent in Australia and internationally is essential to support individuals navigating online in protecting themselves as much as possible.

E Safety Commission: How to report a cyberbullying complaint (under 18yrs)

E Safety Commission: How to report adult cyber abuse

E Safety Commission: How to report image based abuse

E Safety Commission: How to report illegal or harmful content