Managing siblings play

What age are your kids?

What is the age difference between each one and their siblings?

What are the ages of those who live in the houses around you? What are the age ranges of the families of those kids who your children would be playing with e.g. primary school kids in your home but in the friends home there are a few older siblings. Do you have other kids / teens living around you within walking distance? Are there places for them to play together outside safely with supervision and without supervision?

What is the age of your first child? What is the age of your second child? As a family, was one parent staying at home more or were there aunts and uncles who were around a lot because of where they are / were in their own life at that point e.g. not married. Who are the kids used to playing with? To being supervised by? What types of activities do they do dependent on who is with them?

Are they able to play by themselves? Each on child on their own activities within the same physical space or together on the same activity within the same space?

Is / was your youngest child / children exposed to more older kids toys because they had older siblings? Was that an issue because they didn’t have the same skill level and couldn’t participate to the same level of expertise?