Pool design ideas to consider

Sun Shelves:

Depth of water for sun shelves – low water height reported to have warmer water. Potential use for those who dislike cold water for home pool design for kids with poor mobility:

Ask the Pool Guy about sun shelf depth – Youtube

Large modern pool with spa and sun shelf – All Aqua Pools, New Smyrna Beach, Florida – Youtube

Modern Lap Pool with Sun Shelf – Youtube

Modern Pool with huge sunshelf – Youtube


Adjustable Height Depths:

Residential Pools –

NESPA 2011 Award Winning Variable Depth Swimming Pool

Wooden deck movable floor for swimming pool

Movable floor in swimming pool – Agor Creative Engineering

Community Size Pools –

Moveable floor for swimming pool with access ramp – community pool size

Timelapse – how to use a moveable swimming pool – height adjustment for use of public pool for different purposes over the course of the day. Sustainability, High usage = Efficiency.


Edges of pools:

Caution using floating toys with pools with vanishing edges –


E.g. Unsafe for children – does this meet Australian standards.


US TV Show Pool Kings S9 E9 Infinity Edge – look at how the family uses the pool, and needs to pick up the ball from over the edge, who does it? A child or an elderly adult?