Working around skill difficulties

How many skills do we require individuals to learn at once? At what skill level do we expect each skill to be presented at when you are being asked to learn this way? How do we measure progress through a range of skills all within the same task? When spelling, grammar, sentence creation, organising topics or ideas and completing any work at all are an issue – should you be prioritising handwriting? Giving parents and schools permission to not focus on just one area of skill development is extremely important for supporting mental health for individuals with chronic conditions.

At what age do you expect a certain skill? Can you teach it earlier or can you continue to focus on educational skills after high school has been finished. Are there resources available to do this? Chronic conditions are managed differently within the lifespan of the condition.  As you go through each grade level and transition from preschool through primary into high school and well beyond do your goals change? Do your expectations change? Some families are able to have all of their children working on the same topic of skill at the same time regardless of the fact that their children are different ages.