Understanding layers

If I just gave you the photo. Would you know what to do with it? If I talked you through a detailed list of steps, gave you the equipment you needed AND the photograph to copy, would you be able to do it? Or would ‘you’ still need to ask for help? Why? Are you or were you not comfortable with how to use these things in the first place? How old are you? Is that a ‘skill’ that is an expectation that by now you should have already achieved?

I didn’t draw the bird in the exact same way. Why? Was I asked to or was this bird also drawn for instructional purposes to be used to be linked with the previous drawings of birds which are all drawn facing the same way on the page so that the patterns stand out. When there aren’t enough birds or only one is presented does the information stand out or do you just see a pretty bird and are not forced to see the details that are highly visible to those who look at birds ALL of the time.


Can you categorise or break down these well known characters into their parts? What types of categories am I missing? Or are these categories chosen because they are visual parts that are replicable when drawn? So that this IS the only purpose for representing these particular characters was to show some of the hand drawing skills that you need to be able to do to actively draw a simple children’s character that is shown to toddlers / preschoolers. They can interact with the toys but developmentally do they have the skills to draw them?


As an adult or teacher or other professional. You KNOW ALL OF THIS. Yet. Did you know that it was important to break it down into this level of detail to include when teaching someone how to draw? Either did I.

When being asked to learn a new skill for the first time. Who is responsible? Is it the learners job to regulate themselves? Or. Is it the the person providing the instructions or delivering the task’s job to regulate both of you? Do you have the words to talk about this and explain this to someone? Did you have to learn the words but already knew the concept? Or did you already know the steps you just were needing to learn how to use the words to help someone use their own words to provide instructions to others? That is a very different skill. Anyone providing or delivering instructions to others needs to not only know how to do the tasks themselves but also how to break down the task in order to deliver that information to a wide range of others, and to know how to vary that delivery instantly based on who they are talking to, no matter what size of the audience e.g. individual learning versus group learning.