Managing forces

How much pressure is exerted through touch? Does it hit you and stay there? Or are you able to wipe it away? Or does it make you not want to have a turn again? Or does it make you take some time, and only have a turn when you are ready because you are feeling like you can ‘take on’ the more pressure that will come at you even though you don’t like it. What level of resilience is that? What level of physical comfort is that? Or is that an emotional thing?


How does Craniosacral Therapy work?

What is Craniosacral Therapy? (CSTA)

Myofascial Release

Sorry, wasn’t the start of my sentences that it was pressure exerted AT you with touch??? So its not your body that was the problem, it was the quantity of touch coming at you, the force of the touch, how long it stayed?


Seeking out external sources of larger and larger and the largest possible forces possible is something that can happen in water slide parks? But it can also be characteristic of those engaging in self harm. How much force is used to scratch your skin, to bite at your skin, to hit your head against the wall or the table? How many individuals need to wear helmets to prevent damage to their heads? How many are left with permanent scars from the damage that is done through engaging in activities or interactions in a way that uses too much force. For those individuals with poor sensation awareness or discriminatory skills or neuropathies this can be especially dangerous as they need to wear protective equipment to reduce the damage to their skin and bodies e.g. gloves all the time. Being unable to walk away from something because of absolute fear of the retaliation that will happen is of high concern. Other similar concerned individuals may not be able to be in the same room.


What do you know about how fabrics and patterns of materials are put together? Have you ever done a sewing project before? Was it limited to just straight strokes along a line?

Or did you learn how to overlap the threads?


When does fabric get uncomfortable? Versus when is it actually the best thing ever to put on?


How often do we get to wear some sorts of fabric? Why is that such a special occasion to be dressed in these types of materials? Is it their financial cost or is it how it feels on our bodies and how it feels when we move? (Fashion Drawing: Illustration techniques for fashion designers, 2nd Edition, Michele Wesen Bryant)

Do you like thicker fabric which can be warmer or fabric with holes in it to allow your body to breathe?

How many layers of clothing can you tolerate? or its it a really lite weight texture does that work better for you? or do you need the really really really heavy stuff?


How complex is it to make these fabrics? What weight of material is then in them because of the quantity of thread used to make each part of each stitch? When you need force or weight on your body, is this one of the alternatives?

What level of complexity is this? Is this a home sewer’s skill? Or is this someone who is an expert knitter? The book that these two photos come from is called Knitting Architecture by Tanis Gray. It was on sale for a couple of dollars as an old book that the store was trying to get rid of. How much value is in this? Both the item of clothing and the book itself? Yet. We call the person just a knitter. We don’t celebrate their skill. We don’t pay large sums of money for their products if its not available in a high branded store. Yet the skill and quality is there. It is and always has been visible.  How easy are these types of products to find?


Now the real part. If you have sore feet. Which a lot of kids / individuals with special needs do, as they may not like wearing shoes or only want to wear certain types or their foot shape doesnt fit well. What impact do the seams of the shoes have on your circulation, on the level of pressure that is exerted on your feet at the ‘exact’ point where the seam is? Why do we spend so much time trying on shoes? Or love a certain brand for our foot? Or only wear certain types of materials or designs?  Is this a disability thing? Or a normal thing?