Organisational strategies for snacking

How many times a day does your child / young adult need to eat? Are they constantly requesting food or asking what is next to eat?  Consulting with their GP / Paediatrician / Psychiatrist and if available Dietician about health issues is important to look at medication side effects and other health issues which may need to be managed in particular ways before looking at the organisational strategies needed to support parents / carers to manage food requesting.

Independence in access factors to consider: 

Fruits that require someone to help ‘open’ them e.g. peeling an apple, peeling a banana, pulling the stems/ leaves off of strawberries.

Fruits that do not require someone to help ‘open’ the actual piece of fruit: blueberries, raspberries.

Fruits that can be chopped up and stored in plastic containers e.g. rockmelon, watermelon etc.