Repairing dysregulation in others

As a child or as a student, how do you support a parent or a teacher or a member of the public to understand why you behaved or did things in a certain way when you are being faced with interacting with the adult who has become upset at what you have done.  Do you know how to talk calmly, to break down the topic of what happened into smaller parts so that you can give feedback based on what is being said to you or based on what you can see is the likelihood of what will happen next? Can you think that quickly or have you been in this situation before and have learnt ‘some’ ways of managing it?

Do you know how to communicate the level of distress whilst you are experiencing it? Or do you need to flee to make sure you ‘can’ be calmer to then talk about it later because based on what the adult has just said to you you’ve realised that you’ve done something really wrong? Or are you angry at what you are being told because what is being ‘said’ isn’t accurate? That it doesn’t apply to you? How do you manage that level of complexity of interaction? Can you stay regulated whilst someone is talking to you to manage what happened? How is the adult interacting? Why are they dysregulated? Do you know the sequence of steps that has happened? Are there any gaps in your knowledge?