Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze

Funky Mode: 

There are elements of this ‘mode’ which enable the game player to work at a slower level of pace however the physical environment that you are navigating is complex. Chose to play with Funky Mode and in Funky Kong allows greater hearts so you have more opportunities before you are killed and you have access to different movement patterns that you otherwise wouldn’t. For those in the gaming industry, did you spot how complex this is.. Orbit completed before it even started..


Whilst this is a pathway game where you are simply moving from one side of the screen to the other, you are exploring water to depth and trees to different heights and underneath rocks.

Some of these are not visible until you pound on the ground to break something to know that it is even there in the first place. Being highly aware of the graphic design used is important to navigate through the different environmental material layers, whilst there might be an arrow in some cases to tell you to go underneath, the joystick does not let you go straight down you need to press another button at the same time. E.g. In other games you simply walk towards a surface like the underwater rock that slopes upwards towards the beach and you think that you could just use the joystick to swim towards it and you will naturally go up onto the beach. No. You need to stop where Donkey Kong is and jump up onto the rock ledge above and move forwards from there. These type of graphic design features can cause kids to become incredibly angry or frustrated as they move between different types of games and educational program graphics due to the inconsistency in how visuals are used across their day and schooling..

This type of navigational system will frustrate individuals who struggle with sequencing and memory BUT the graphics and quality of the flow of how Donkey Kong in Funky Mode moves is extremely helpful for learning game play. What it may mean is that as a therapist / parent that you only access certain levels and use certain parts of the game repeatedly for therapy sessions / therapy goals / game play. Otherwise playing together will still be required.