Exploring new and old environments together

Have you been somewhere before? Who did you see when you were there? For what time period did you see them? Was that the only time within the sequence of events / steps that you saw them?

Based on what you saw, did you make assumptions? Did you communicate those assumptions to others?

When reading a book such as “We’re going on a bear hunt” do you always start at the beginning of the book together? Or because you are reading the story back to someone else you start part way through. Nope you start at the start of the story.

Do we do that in the real world? When we are telling a story to someone do we tell the whole story? Or do we only tell part of it? Or do we only tell people the part of it that ‘we’ saw?

“I went walking” is a book about a child who goes for a walk and picks up different animals along the way. Do those animals live on the farm as the child or is that information not provided in the pictures or in the sentences in the story? The story is about the actions not the environment.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldsons Dairy has information that shows the pathways of where the dogs move. You can see parts of their homes. You can get an ‘idea’ of the place where all of the houses are. But you can’t see a map with exact locations. because the author didn’t provide one.

When information is explored by others or with others is the pathway always shared in the same way. Is information to others even beyond that shared in the same way? No, it isn’t. What can be seen is literally one page. And that one page, was actually the start of the story, the meeting of two people to go for a walk.