Parts of wholes or pieces in general

Which word goes where on the page?

If I considered this page, sorry this worksheet, sorry this maths activity, so if I considered ‘this’ to be a grid, with fractions of positions on the page of where things could be placed. Are the words in the right spot? Are the pictures in the right spot? Why? What country am I in that this is the ‘only’ way of presenting things? Sorry what language am I speaking? Am I speaking maths? Am I speaking English? Why did I need an ant and a pizza? Oh, that’s right, pizza and fractions, that’s the most common way of thinking about it?



How well do you know the physical place that you live? Could you draw it all out from a map? Do you know which suburbs sit next to each other, and what sits next the suburb next to those ones? How old are you? Did you ‘used’ to know how to use a street directory? But now. Its just google maps. Do you let it tell you where to drive, telling you each turn, each lane to be in? Or do you look up the map beforehand and generally work your way through with your thinking linking each of the roads together?

Why do you do it that way? What is it about the way that you think or how you learn or the difficulty that you have with driving or reading maps that requires you to do it in that particular way?


ok. so there is a lot to look at. where did you want me to look first? Should I look at the red lines, the green lines, the black lines? I can see them easily. There is also a lot of blue. Did I learn at school, yet, (how old am I?) that the blue colouring is for water? so are those blue dashed lines ferries? Pay attention. Because its important to know how am far I will go. Orbit. BIG TICK!


How far is it between stations? Is that a lived experience? Does it differ during peak or normal times? Are there trains that go from A to Z and don’t miss every station? How long would that take? Why would you want to visit each station?


Are all parts of every network for transport around the world disability accessible? Or do we still have issues? At Uni, we took a wheelchair out to the local shopping centre to experience some of the difficulties.


What country do you live in? This is Pakistan. Unless my proportions are off, it looks like getting the wheelchair into the Cash Shop will be a struggle. A slight bit of balance will be required to manage the slope of the ramp, make sure the  chair doesn’t roll backwards and hold the door open AND get yourself inside. Oops. Sorry. there are two doors! Nope. That door doesn’t seem to have a handle. Must be a fake photo. orbit (Pakistan).