When things can get a little confusing

When I am presented with something like this, how am I supposed to tell what I am supposed to do with  it? its a mess.

Its a mess on purpose.

Its actually made up of this type of toy. The bugs come in different colours. Each bug is made up of different pieces. They all have the exact same pieces and fit together in the exact same way. Just each a different colour.

This toy can be an extremely challenging one. But its got a good starting point. One of the pieces is the head. So presumably you start there. um. no…

These pieces are at the back of the head. But the body itself is broken down into two pieces.

And you need to put both of the body pieces together first before you can put the head on. It doesn’t work the other way. You have to leave the head til last. That can be hard for some kids because the number is on it and they’ve learnt through their own experience that numbers are incredibly important and always have to be prioritised first.

Yet. This toy can also be confusing. Because there are hidden mechanics involved. Things that are visible to others immediately as not being part of it but not to those who may be trying to put the toy together. The size of the holes for the screws that keep the toy together are smaller and don’t have the same depth as the holes that the connectors for the toys fit into, these connectors are also empty.


So did you believe me? Or am I missing some information that I am giving you? Can you see now? Or do you need to ‘touch’ the toy to interact with it yourself to really understand it.




Similar type of issue: Until you pick it up and try to put it in, you might not see that its compatible and doesn’t go there. You need to know to look more closely at the parts, otherwise you will make a mistake.

Sorry, the photograph doesn’t make the issue clear. If you just think, oh this is a person, it goes ‘here’ then what you miss is that there are shapes at the feet of each person which allow them only to sit in the correct position. There is also a roof here, so despite the fact that you could attempt to just sit each person on top and not push them down into the hole and then attempt to push the roof on. It won’t work. The roof is designed to only be positioned and fit correctly when the people inside are correctly positioned.

The individual pieces to build the body of the car also have to be positioned together in the correct way. Otherwise the wheels don’t touch the ground and the car won’t be able to be pushed.


Does this make it easier to see? Or do you still need to touch the toy?


Some sequences can be shown through photographs or video content. Others can be shown through activities which need to be linked together so finitely that the viewer or participant regardless of age can see very clearly where there attention needs to go to next. Being able to shift your point or view or to orbit around all of the information that you can see is helpful for every task in life. Documenting information in the same way as shown in the above photo can help show others where they are getting caught out with things repeatedly. Documenting like this from everyday experiences is also helpful when putting reports together. Having used these types of strategies for a long time it can make a huge difference in the amount of time that needs to be spent on educating someone or in showing them details before they buy in to something or understand it completely. Which can then result in a significant change in their behaviour.