Working with families

How many people are in the family?

How many individuals with disabilities? And with medical conditions?

What is the age range of the individuals in the family?

How many people live in the home? How many people come into the home to work?

Is there any stability in the services being provided to the family? For how long? When are major transitions expected? How many at once?

Are there any regular respite services involved? Are there any foster care arrangements? e.g. grandparents looking after one or a few of the children, with the rest fostered out.

Danielle has experience working with families with 2-5 children with disabilities and parents with chronic or acute health conditions. Danielle is only able to take on new ‘families’ when there is sufficient time in her schedule to manage the additional needs.

Time management and understanding of the complexities of goals for each individual and for the family as a whole is important to ‘discuss’ through on a session by session basis but not always in direct format.