Documenting symptoms vs functional presentation vs clinical reasoning

Reasonable and Necessary criteria requires a detailed analysis of why this particular intervention is required as compared to other strategies that could be put into place. One of the challenges is the difference in levels of experience, vocabulary / terminology and core framework knowledge when working with staff of different professional backgrounds. A wheelchair is a standard prescriptive item for those who struggle to walk. The difficulty is that it is a standard category of strategy. Yes, there are many variations but the concept of why a wheelchair is needed is generally accepted as a strategy for those who are unable to walk. What are the generally accepted strategies for those who have difficulty thinking? Are there standard strategies for the functional category? One of the challenges with providing a financial service like NDIS is the cost variation between different items. How much does a standard wheelchair or standard bath chair cost? Versus how much does a standard intervention strategy cost for cognitive rehab? Is there a standard strategy?

The need to document the reasoning as to why each item that is being recommended is actively being recommended can concern ethics as well as clinical experience and access to high levels of clinical supervision and time / resources to process through research materials on a regular basis to keep updated. Occupational Therapist have professional development standards requiring how many hours of CPD per year to sustain accreditation. The comparison of those reading the NDIS reports and their clinical experience for processing and approving an Occupational Therapists report. Do all reports need to go through the MP’s office to gain support to get more experienced staff to look at the recommendations? Or does the therapists clinical reasoning then need to take into account the marked variation in success for what is explained in detail for every client as compared to the outcomes for each of those reports. How many hours does this require to write up the reports, get all of the information with the family in the first place and then advocate and re-advocate over the same points which were written down, in the same report, or previous reports, in clear categorised detail.