Advocacy with the NDIS involves significant work for the family and for the Occupational Therapist to educate others on individual needs as it relates to reasonable and necessary supports within the NDIS. Being able to meet all of the criteria for reasonable and necessary supports is challenging given current financial issues for Australia related to Covid. Part of the focus of Occupational Therapy sessions is identifying with the family (parents and NDIS participant) where the focus of supports can be at this current period in time given the resources that are available within the community and their individual needs. Workload balance for creation of new resources is a constant topic of discussion with families as they identify the specifics of what they need to support their personal growth at this particular point in time within their life span. Discussing the creation of goals to focus in requires focus on integrating short and long term issues for each individual within the family as it relates to the health and wellbeing for the NDIS participant. Knowledge of how the NDIS participants condition has changed from when they were little through different stages and access to services up to now is extremely important to discuss in lengthy detail for goal setting and resource management. Danielle and the families that she works with spend significant amounts of time focusing on goal setting and prioritisation for planning. Families experience chronic heightened distress related to funding. An extensive understanding of the depth and network of resources that are available is highly important for decision making to assist with meeting goals or removing obstacles from those goals.