Managing Individual goals versus group goals

A common question is where do you start? What do you work on first?

Are there urgent needs? Are there safety needs? Are the safety needs things that ‘can’ be worked on first or do they need to be managed over a period of time because of how complex they are? Are the issues that ‘can’ be worked on first ones that we simply are allowed to have control over versus ones that we need to go through others or go through certain processes or steps to manage before we can get ‘real’ change or progress?

What resource levels are involved? What control is there over each type of resource? What issues can be safely managed by others versus what issues need to be supported through others?

What concepts need to be introduced first before underlying issues are able to be more easily managed? Is it a matter of teaching and educating first before other issues can be supported? Is that at an individual level of the NDIS participant or is that for the family?