Facial expression, gestures and body movement to direct visual attention of others

How much control do you have over your own body gestures for communicating precise coordinated movements? Can you grade them all of are they too loud or too soft or mis-timed or absent?


Can you provide positive feedback in graded levels? Without being physically inappropriate and hugging someone or saying words that are too big in their intensity of feedback that they are incorrect and give someone the wrong level of feedback about what they have done / achieved?


Can you as a therapist / teacher / parent / adult / student / child keep track of where you are up to with your own body, own regulatory needs, own postural needs, own hunger needs etc at the same time as keep track of what is happening for that student AND for THAT parent all second by second as you go through a session or any type of interaction??? It is a complex skill to learn..


As a therapist working with individuals with learning discrepancies you NEED to learn how to give all sorts of different types of feedback. AND to get used to people looking at you constantly for that feedback. They are looking for consistency. They are looking for an answer to the problem that they are in front of you trying to solve. Your non-verbal needs to match with your verbal AND with your therapy goals and skills..