Direction, speed, intensity etc

Which way do I go?

Who do I choose to work with?

Why did I choose to work with them? What do they have that I need / needed for me to continue on this pathway that ‘I’ chose to work on?


When this pathway doesn’t work for me anymore because I am getting the consequences of the choices that I made. Who do I complain to? Who do I blame? Yet. Where did the information come from to start with? Were others simply telling me no and stopping me from hurting others. So who did I blame? And now. Who am I continuing to blame because I can’t fix it and am having to deal with the consequences which can be very real and long lasting.

Being able to see over long distances. Being able to see great depths. Being able to see 360 degree views. it all takes time. forced time. its required.

which pathway? hmmm…

Joining together with others was visible and predictable to manage the pathway. The sources of information can be so unique that its clear who is responsible for what. Yet when others drop off, off of the joint pathway, to take care of their own needs, that too is also visible. Information that was contained or known to one, is not known to others. That lack of information is visible. Cues that are visible to people who know each other well and their personal histories and skills might not have been shared. So information is able to be kept hidden in visible information conveyed on a daily basis by those managing the situations at hand.  Partnerships can be visible that they are not working or falling apart. Yet the messages that were read by some are messages that also apply to others. Yet they aren’t being shared.