About Danielle Lord

Danielle is an Occupational Therapist with 24 years experience. She graduated from The University of Sydney in 1994 and was made an Honorary Associate. Danielle spent her early years working in varied settings including rehabilitation centres, schools, home health and skilled nursing facilities. She spent 2 years working in the US working for school systems and private hospitals in paediatrics. She worked as an outpatient paediatric therapist for a Sydney Hospital before taking on a position as Acting Head of Department. During this time she worked with schools to screen the entire Kindergarten local government area population to determine the best strategies for providing OT services based on the number of children identified.

Danielle established her private practice Kid Sense Occupational Therapy in 1999. Initially the practice provided home and school based services with Danielle travelling over the entirety of Sydney before slowly transitioning to clinic based services in Eastwood and then Gordon. Danielle was involved in the establishment of the Fragile X Clinic run through the Fragile X Association. She has presented at State and National conferences across allied health professions. In 2007, she established Theracrew a website providing digital resources for children with special needs.

Danielle has extensive experience working with children and adolescents with Autism and Aspergers, ADHD, Learning Difficulties and co-existing mental health issues. She has worked with infants at high risk all the way through to young adults transitioning to supported employment or day programs.  Danielle has worked in a large variety of paediatric settings including mainstream schools (private and public), support classes, child care and preschools, baby health clinics, home health, special care nurseries, inpatient and outpatient hospital services and feeding clinics.

Her clinical work has had particular focus on supporting children with dual diagnosis of Autism and mental health or learning difficulties and she is a registered Mental Health provider with Medicare. Danielle has extensive experience working with families with multiple children who have been diagnosed with Autism who require intensive care and support across all environments.

NDIS: Danielle has experience working with families who are self managed and those who are using a plan manager. She has been involved with assessment and report writing for justification of the complexity of supports required, education of others regarding change of circumstances requiring increased funding, as well as applications for Assistive Technology. Danielle has experience working with school leavers and young adults in work readiness / training programs.